House Rules

Dear guests,

We warmly welcome you as guests at Villa View and More. We hope that you feel comfortable here and wish you a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. We have put a lot of effort into the equipment of the house and appreciate a careful and respectful treatment of the accommodation and the inventory. By a proper treatment of the apartment you will help us to continue to provide the villa on these terms.

The following house rules should be a help for your harmonious stay. We trust, that you agree to the necessity and accept the benefits of the given rules and guidelines.

General information:

If you miss or need anything concerning the facility, please contact us with confidence. All things that are in the apartment or in the outdoor area, may and should be used by the guests. Please handle all the equipment and inventory carefully and treat the property with respect and care. Please also take care that your fellow travelers comply with the rental conditions. Nobody will intentionally damage things in the accommodation, but it can happen to anyone that things break. We are pleased if you inform us about damages and we do not have to find out after your departure or when the next tenants move in (the inventory lists the essential furnishings that serve as a guide).


The tenants are liable for damage, as far as you, your fellow travelers or guests have caused them or for other reasons (here are not minor details, such as a broken glass meant). If the keys are lost, the lock cylinders will be replaced by the locksmith for safety reasons. The guest have to pay for the resulting costs. Broken furniture, furnishings, etc. must be reported to the landlord immediately and will be charged.

Number of persons:

It is forbidden to include more people in the rental property than stated in the booking confirmation. An additional booking on arrival is possible, as far as the number of beds allow to. In case of violation, we make use of our house right and resolve the lease immediately.


Please note that dishes are only returned to the cupboards when washed, the same applies to cutlery, pots and utensils that you have used, especially coffee machines etc. Please do not put any wet glasses upside down in the cabinets.

Please put your rubbish into the existing garbage bags outside in front of the parking spot (usually picked up daily) or take the garbage to the dumpsters in the city center.

When you leave, if possible, the kitchen should look again like what you found.


In dish sink, washing sink, shower and toilet no waste, leftovers, harmful liquids or similar may are allowed to be thrown or poured in. Hygiene articles (sanitary napkins, tampons, cotton swabs, etc.) belong in the provided waste container in the bathroom and must be disposed of in the residual waste bag before departure. Note: No hygiene products should be disposed of in the toilet bowl as this may lead to severe blockages.

Living area:

TV – Please do not rearrange the units according to your wishes. Furniture from the inside should not be brought outdoors.

Sleeping area:

All beds are with sanitary pads provided, which are cleaned regularly. Please do not remove these covers.


For all areas of the house applies a general smoking ban. Please use the covered entrance area or the terrace. Also, we ask you to dispose of the cigarette remains and not to use the terrain or the property behind the walls. Here there is a high risk of fire, especially in summer! Ashtrays are available and should be used. If this is not respected, a cleaning fee of 250, – € will be charged.

Terrace and garden:

Please use the seat cushions for the garden furniture overnight and in rainy weather only on the terrace and do not stow away in the pillow box if they got wet or dumpy. It is not allowed to use interior/inside furnishings in the outdoor area.

Barbecue / stone grill:

Please clean the charcoal grill right after you used it and ensure that it is clean before departure. Clean the grill and discard the cold ash or remaining coal in the residual waste bag or compost present on the property. Meat sausage leftovers are to be disposed of with the residual waste – by no means in the toilet or in the nature. Open fire, as well as brought grills or disposable barbecues are not allowed.


Please use the outdoor shower (including showering sunscreen) before using the pool.

Duty of care:

Windows and doors should be closed when leaving the apartment to avoid damage caused by bad weather. In the area, unpredictable downwind winds can occur even in good weather periods. Please also make sure when leaving the apartment, that all lights and electronic devices are turned off – the environment and landlords are grateful! The landlord is not liable for valuables of the tenant. Furniture and hand and bath towels from the interior should not be carried outside or brought to another apartment. In addition, we ask you not to use the hand and bath towels from our house as beach towels. There are separate beach towels available.


not possible. Please do not leave any stray cats in the apartments or in the hallway. As cute as they look, they are wild animals that feel trapped in closed spaces and pollute. Gladly the kittens come to the property and like to be petted – please take care of your children, so that child and animal do not suffer any damage. Please do not feed animals on our property.

Departure / Arrival:

We ask our guests on the day of departure to leave the apartment and the parking lot by no later than 10:00 am in the morning. The apartments are available from 16:00 pm in the afternoon. If needed we can vary here, if you contact us beforehand.

House right:

The landlord is entitled to terminate accommodation contracts (including the use of the villa) with immediate effect. Based on his house right the landlord can exclude single or all holiday guests, in case the holiday guests damage the safety or the reputation of the villa, harms or bothers other guests, residents, passers-by or neighbors. Particularly in case of repeated violations against regulations of the house rules by single or all holiday guests issued in the house, as well as damage, soiling or the theft of villa property, entitle to immediate termination by the landlord.

We wish you a pleasant stay, lots of fun, relaxation and rest in our villa. For questions we are happy to help.

By booking the villa, you confirm that the house rules are recognized and implemented by you.

With warm and sunny regards,
Yours Külpp family